Modern life is rubbish

23 Jan 2022 /

In the space of a week, I have:

  1. been prevented from making outgoing bank transfers because my amazing multi-currency bank suddenly (after 6 years of silence) wants me to prove where my money comes from, and I can’t because they won’t accept invoices to clients as proof
  2. been prevented from receiving payments from clients because my amazing multi-currency bank suddenly (after 6 years of silence) has decided that I must use a business account, not a personal account, for client transactions, which will be fun because I don’t have a registered business
  3. been (hopefully temporarily) prevented from opening a Payoneer account because they don’t recognise normal Philippines proof of address documents
  4. been prevented from paying for a Lazada order “for security reasons” because I mistyped one digit in the SMS sent by my bank to confirm the transaction, and I should “check back later”

Modern life is rubbish.

If banks would just let people actually own their own money, none of this shit would happen. Why should I have to say where my money comes from? Isn’t that my own responsibility as an adult, and my own private business? If someone suspects a crime has been committed, they should call the police. Banks have no business trying to be a financial crime prevention unit. They exist to keep our money safe, that’s all.

Of course, they say they’re trying to prevent money laundering and terrorism, but all they’re doing is alienating their customers. The actual money launderers and terrorists (of which there are almost certainly far fewer than the tabloids imagine) are laughing at them.

And of course, if banks and governments actually stopped prying into the financial affairs of their customers and citizens, money laundering wouldn’t exist.

Whatever happened to postal orders?


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