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How did I get here?

18 Jan 2022 / /

Well, there was a stork, see…

No no no. Stop right there. What I mean by the title is, how did I come to be creating a new blog, and why?

Well, as an autistic person, I’m always conflicted about expressing myself to others. I’m not very good at it (duh, autism), and because my memory is so vivid, whenever I say or do something embarrassing (which is frequently, duh autism), the mortification is overwhelming and stays with me for a very long time. There are people I can never contact again because they were a witness to something stupid I said or did thirty plus years ago. If you put me in a room with them, I’d simply leave, with a good chance of a panic attack as I did so.

Partly for this reason, and partly because I’ve become increasingly concerned about privacy, I suddenly decided a couple of years ago to shut down all social media accounts where I used my own name or could be identified by association. I also had a pseudonymous blog but decided to shut that down as well, in the interests of cleansing my online life completely.

As you may have gathered, sometimes I go to extremes. It’s because I see things as black or white, good or bad, all or nothing. I’m also good at taking a stand when no-one else has noticed there’s a stand anywhere in the vicinity, and a real expert at burning bridges and cutting off my nose to spite my face. Did I end up losing contact with a load of friends and acquaintances when I quit social media? You betcha. Did it stop me? Nope. Burn that bridge. Take a stand that no-one will even notice.

Anyway, for a while I’ve been without an expressive outlet, apart from a Mastodon account, and talking to my dog. But Mastodon is not a blogging platform, and recently I’ve been itching to write longer things in a more permanent form, without having anywhere to do it. Also, my dog has started sighing heavily when I talk to him.

So here we are. I have a brand new blog, powered by the WordPress CMS, with a custom theme I built in a few hours, and now it’s just waiting for me to write some content.

You can guess the kinds of topics I’ll probably end up writing about by checking the “About” text in the sidebar. Autism and Asperger syndrome will no doubt feature, as will other mental and physical health issues. I’m a professional geek so will almost certainly write some posts about web development, operating systems, and tech in general. There’s going to be some stuff about the Philippines since that’s where I live these days. I might do an occasional book or album review. And I probably won’t be able to resist the occasional commentary on the latest example of political or religious idiocy.

I don’t have a particular posting schedule set up, but if you check back every couple of weeks there should be something new to read.